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EuCon Integration

  1. Start Patchboard. Check Patchboard’s Settings and make sure Generic EuCon is enabled:
    Patchboard MenuSettings
  2. Open EuControl Settings... from the EuControl menu bar icon.
  3. Select Patchboard - {Your Computer Name} and press Add ➪ to connect Patchboard to EuControl. It should then appear under My Surfaces on the right side.
    Note: If this doesn’t work for any reason, please contact us

  4. Start your DAW and activate the EuCon control surface support.
    Note: Patchboard cannot be used at the same time as Avid Control.

  5. Your DAW should now be connected with Patchboard via EuControl! To verify the connection, open a project and check the Project view in Patchboard. It should list all the tracks in your DAW’s project.

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