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Unlimited License
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Unlimited License
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Money-back Guarantee


Is there a demo?

There’s no demo version but we offer a 30 day no-questions-asked refund period so you can make sure Patchboard is right for you. While some features work off the bat, others take a bit of effort to setup. I want to encourage composers to put in that initial bit of effort and perhaps work with them before they make up their minds.

How do I design my own features?

INDIE and PRO users have the option of commissioning additional, custom features from us, designed with you to meet your specific needs. When you propose a feature or want, we’ll write up a comprehensive proposal describing how the feature would work and fit into Patchboard. We’ll then offer a cost for the project based on the anticipated coding effort.

If you like the proposed implementation and are good with the rate, we’ll go ahead and make it happen!

Features can range in price from $50 on the smaller side to $1000+ for a major addition. It just depends on how much time it will take to code. We’ll make our best effort to implement the feature in a timely manner, which can range from next day to a couple weeks for larger features. If you need a quicker turnaround, we may adjust the cost depending on the project and deadline. Out of your personal budget? Maybe some of your fellow composers could split the cost.

Do you offer refunds?

If you are unsatisfied with Patchboard within 30 days after your purchase, we’re happy to offer a full refund. That said, we want to do our best to make sure you’re satisfied! If there are specific features or issues that are deal-breakers for you, let us know and we may be able to fix them in a quick manner.

What is this consultation and tutorial all about?

For users who want to get up and running quickly, we schedule a face-to-face video call to go over setting up Patchboard and teach you how to use it. Rather than worrying about reading documentation, this approach lets you focus on the big picture and also ask us any questions that you may have in real-time.

We will also discuss your workflow and discuss how you’d like Patchboard to fit into it. Based on that, we will make some recommendations on how to configure everything so Patchboard works best for you!

What is support like?

For PRO users, the first month of personalized support is included in the price. You’ll get direct support from the programmer and creator of Patchboard, including prioritized and near-immediate fixes and small features as needed. This support covers any questions you may have about how to use Patchboard and integrate it into your workflow.

Extended support contracts are available by request at an additional cost, but you hopefully won’t need them!

For everyone else, support is limited to technical issues. For usage questions, please join our user community at Facebook group or explore the documentation.

Can I pay someone to setup the whole thing?

Of course! But we don’t offer that service ourselves. We’re proudly partnered with ComposerTech who can setup a system based on Patchboard. If you have an assistant or the time yourself, setting up Patchboard requires no technical expertise.

Why is it so !*%#ing expensive?

Typically, a software product will sell at a low price but pay for the development costs by selling lots of copies. Patchboard, however, is aimed at a very small, niche market. We’d estimate there are maybe a few thousand composers in the entire world who would even care about a tool like Patchboard.

Patchboard is a boutique, user-directed workflow platform. Every new feature has been a request from a specific composer and it’s something that composer really needed for his or her workflow. Patchboard evolves based on its users in a much more directed way than most software. In some ways, it can be like having an in-house software engineer to fix or supplement your existing DAW.

I like to reframe the question and think instead about how much time and annoyance Patchboard could save you. What’s that worth?

Will you charge for updates?


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