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Installing Patchboard

  1. Download the latest version of Patchboard from your User portal. To install:
    macOS Windows
    Unzip Patchboard and move it to your Applications folder. Launch the Patchboard installer and follow its steps.
    Install a virtual MIDI cable such as loopMidi.
  2. Start Patchboard. If this is your first time running Patchboard, continue below.

  3. Authorize Patchboard. Your email and key code are available in your User portal:
  4. After authorizing, choose which DAW you would like to connect to.
    Note: You can always change this setting later. Simply choose Settings... from the Patchboard menu bar icon Patchboard Icon.
    Settings Patchboard Menu

Configuring Your DAW

Configure your DAW to work with Patchboard:

No available integration for your DAW? Please contact us!

Next Steps

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