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Instant Track Recall (aka No More Scrolling)

Patchboard makes it simple to start recording tracks with a single press. Rather than squint and scroll through a dense list of track names and nested folders, use Patchboard to pull up the track on demand.

Quick filters let you quickly narrow down your patches based on the metadata you’ve entered. If that’s still too coarse, apply additional filters. Or if you find yourself needing certain patches frequently, add them to your favorites or create a more specific Group so they’re only a button press away!

Do you remember the track name but don’t feel like scrolling around? Use Patchboard’s Search to narrow down the tracks. Even if you haven’t entered any metadata, searching in the project view also searches through the names of all the tracks in your session.

To take this a step further, you could create keyboard shortcuts that would jump to specific tracks or the beginning of a the String section in your template. Scripting opens up all sorts of possibilities for controlling Patchboard from tools like Keyboard Maestro, function keyboards like X-Keys and tools like Lemur and TouchOSC.

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