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Layouts let you create uniform dashboards across your instruments. Layouts organize the articulation into zones by tag and override its color. This means you can have your longs and legatos in the first column, regardless of how it’s setup in the patch itself.

You can specify a default layout within the Dashboard that will apply to all instruments. You can then override the default layout on a per-instrument basis.

Layouts also allow you to specify a collection of faders that will be available for every instrument.

  1. Zones allow you to create a meta-group of artciulations based on their tags. The Dashboard will then display each zone as an individual column, from left to right. The color will override the default color given to the articulation. Any articulation not included in a specific zone will be laid out in the remaining space.

  2. Faders specify a general set of faders that apply to all the instruments in the layout. This can be useful for specifying faders for common CCs like Volume (CC#7) or Modulation (CC#1). If a patch includes a fader with the same trigger, the patch’s fader will override the layout’s. If the patch has a more instrument-specific name or a different default value, that will be used instead of the layout’s general fader. See Patch Editor for more about faders.

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