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Project View

The Catalog is Patchboard’s default view. It gives you an overview of all the patches in Patchboard’s database, and tools for searching through them and pulling them up in your DAW.


  1. Quick filter lists populated with all the metadata from your tracks and any patches that are linked to them. If you press an item, it will show only the tracks which match that metadata.

    For more information, see the Intro to Patchboard’s UI to learn more about quick filters.

  2. This list shows you all the tracks in the project currently open in your DAW. It displays the track’s name, and if a patch is linked to the track, the patch’s name and some relevant metadata.

    Pressing any track will instantly jump to the corresponding track in your DAW and record-enable it. This allows you to quickly call up tracks that you’ve found in Patchboard without having to hunt around your project.

    Right-clicking or pressing and holding a track will bring up a context menu with additional options for editing, favoriting, grouping and deleting patches.

    The link indicator tells you whether the track is linked to a patch in the currently open project. A broken, red link means the track does not have a patch linked to it in the current project. A grey, complete link means that it does. If you press the link indicator, you can quickly link (or re-link) a patch to that track.

    Whenever a track is record armed, there will also be a pulsing record indicator . Pressing the record indicator will disarm the track.

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