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Digital Performer Integration

Note: Patchboard supports Digital Performer version 7 and higher.

  1. Patchboard integrates with Digital Performer as a control surface. To add the control surface, open any Digital Performer project. Choose Setup > Control Surface Setup...
    Control Surface Setup
  2. Press the + button on the right to add a control surface then choose Open Sound Control.
    Note: If there is already an Open Sound Control control surface there, you’re all set!

  3. Digital Performer should now be connected with Patchboard! To verify the connection, check the Project view in Patchboard. It should list all the tracks in your open Digital Performer project.

If You Use Multi Record

Patchboard sends MIDI to Digital Performer via a virtual MIDI cable named Patchboard Virtual Output. If Multi Record is enabled (Studio > Multi Record), Digital Performer won’t receive MIDI signals from Patchboard without additional setup. If you work with Multi Record enabled, please contact me for info about setting up the MIDI integration.

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