Cubase & Nuendo Integration

At the moment, integration with Cubase & Nuendo is only supported via the EuCon emulation mode. Everything is fully functional but the setup can be rather involved if you’ve never worked with EuControl before.

If you already have the EuCon driver installed and EuControl running, please continue below. If not and you own a EUCON-enabled device already, please download Eucontrol from your Avid account. If you don’t own a EUCON-enabled device, contact us for help getting going.

  1. Start Patchboard. Check Patchboard’s Settings and make sure Generic EuCon is enabled:
    Patchboard MenuSettings
  2. Open EuControl Settings... from the EuControl menu bar icon.
  3. Select Patchboard - {Your Computer Name} and press Add ➪ to connect Patchboard to EuControl. It should then appear under My Surfaces on the right side.
    Note: If this doesn’t work for any reason, please contact us

  4. Start Cubase and close any open projects.

  5. Choose Devices > Device Setup....

  6. Press the + button in the top left of the Device Setup window to add a device and select EuCon from the dropdown list.

  7. Cubase should now be connected with Patchboard via EuControl! To verify the connection, open a Cubase project and check the Project view in Patchboard. It should list all the tracks in your Cubase project.

Last updated: September 22, 2018