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Pro Tools Integration

Note: Patchboard supports Pro Tools version 10 and higher.

  1. Start Patchboard if it is not already open. Check Patchboard’s Settings and make sure Pro Tools is enabled:
    Patchboard MenuSettings
  2. Patchboard connects to Pro Tools via macOS’ accessibility features. These features need explicit user approval to work. When you select Pro Tools in Patchboard’s settings, macOS and Patchboard should prompt you:
    macOS AccessibilityAccessibility Warning
  3. Choose Open System Preferences to jump directly to the correct section. If the prompt never appeared, manually go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility. Make sure Patchboard is enabled in the list.
    System Preferences
  4. Press Retry in Patchboard to confirm that it has accessibility access.

  5. Next, we must make sure Pro Tools sees Patchboard’s MIDI. Launch Pro Tools and open any session. Choose Setup > MIDI > MIDI Input Enable.... Enable Patchboard Virtual Output and press OK:

    Pro Tools MIDI Input Enable

  6. Pro Tools should now be connected with Patchboard! To verify the connection, check the Project view in Patchboard. It should list all the tracks in your open Pro Tools session.

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