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Setting Up a Tablet or Other Device

Patchboard is accessible on your main DAW computer but you can also access it from any other device on your network via a web browser. This could be a tablet, another computer or even your phone. Patchboard’s UI accommodates a wide variety of different screen sizes and was designed to be touch-friendly.

  1. Open Patchboard’s settings from the menu bar icon Patchboard Icon.
    Patchboard Menu
  2. Go to the Network tab. Make note of the URL under Network.
  3. Open your web browser of choice and navigate to the URL from Network tab.

    Note: Type the URL exactly as it appears, including trailing period. If you change your computer name in the future, you will have to repeat these steps with the new name to access Patchboard.

    Android devices only: Android does not support .local URLs. You will need to use the IP address of your DAW computer instead. Replace the computer name in the URL with your IP address, e.g. if your IP address is, the URL would be ``. If your computer’s IP address changes in the future, you will have to repeat these steps.

  4. Bookmark the page so you don’t need to type the URL again. On iOS, Android and Windows devices, you can also create an app shortcut for even more convenience:

Press the square_arrow_up button on the bottom toolbar. Choose Add to Home Screen from the bottom row:

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Add to Home
iOS Home Screen

In Chrome with Patchboard loaded, press the menu button in the top right. Choose Add to Home Screen:

Chrome for Android
Android Add to Home

Using Chrome, click the menu button in the top right and choose `More Tools > Add to Taskbar…`. Make sure “Open as window” is checked.

Using Multiple Devices

Main Menu

Dedicated Dashboard Device

Each Patchboard device in your setup can serve a different purpose. Perhaps you want to use a tablet for instrument dashboards but want to use the computer for quickly calling up those instruments. By default, all devices will show the dashboard for record-enabled instruments. You can disable this by turning off Follow Record Track in Patchboard’s main menu.

Creating Patches

Whenever a patch is created or edited, those changes should appear instantly on any other devices. That means multiple users can create patches at the same time. Only one user can edit a patch at a time, however. If two users edit the same patch at the same time, only one of the edited versions will be saved.

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