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Linking a Patch to a Track

Patches are their most useful when they’re linked to a track in the current project. If a patch is linked to a track, pressing on that patch in the catalog view will record arm and scroll to the track. As well, the dashboard will show instrument-specific controls for whatever patch is currently record armed (or selected if no track is record armed).

You can manually enter the track name for a patch in the patch editor. By default, if you don’t provide an explicit track name, Patchboard looks for a track with the same name as the patch itself.

The link indicator tells you whether the patch is linked to a track in the currently open project (or vice versa). A broken, red link means the patch is not linked to a track in the current project. A grey, complete link means that it is. If you press the link indicator, you can quickly link (or re-link) the patch to a track (catalog view) or the track to a patch (project view):

Track Re-Linking

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