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Metadata & Filters

Patchboard allows you to tag patches you create with metadata. This additional data makes it easier for you to find patches by a specific developer, with a specific articulation or in a specific library. Often times, we try to encode this information into the name of a track, e.g. Sf Alb Str Hi for “Spitfire Albion Strings High”. Patchboard lets you separate these concepts to help maintain an organized catalog of all your sounds.

Patchboard offers many shortcuts to make working with metadata easier. In the Patch Editor, entering metadata supports autocomplete for any metadata that you’ve previously used.

In the main user interface, Patchboard dynamically updates a set of quick filters based on what metadata you’ve entered.

Metadata is all dynamic; there’s no need to add a new metadata tag or delete one you’re not using. Metadata only autocompletes or shows in the quick filters if it’s currently used on a patch.

Types of Metadata

Metadata ranges from general to specific, from high-level abstract groups, to developers who make libraries which are composed of instruments which have articulations, timbres, textures or styles we describe with generic tags.

Groups are like playlists in iTunes. They are user-defined collections of patches. You could group all the patches you use frequently on a specific project, for ease of access. Or make an “Epic Percussion” group that holds all your favorite patches for larger-than-life drums. A patch can be in as many groups as you like.
The developer or person who created the patch.
The encompassing sample library for this patch, if any.
The instrument(s) contained within the patch. A patch may be for a mixed ensemble or it could be a percussion patch with multiple different percussion instruments spread across the keyboard.
Tags are general metadata that don’t fit into any of the above categories, used to either describe the timbre, texture, playing style or other miscellaneous details that don’t fit the other categories. For instance, you might tag your patch “Solo” if it were a solo bass patch.
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