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My Patch Doesn’t Appear in the Dashboard!

  1. In your DAW, record enable the track that your patch should be linked it.

  2. In the Dashboard for the problematic patch, does the header show a record indicator ? If so, continue to step 4. Otherwise, if you see a progress spinner , proceed to step 2.

  3. Switch to the Project view. Are there tracks listed and do they correspond with your open DAW session? If not, follow the steps for setting up your DAW with Patchboard:

  4. If the DAW integration is working, check that the patch is linked. Find the patch in the Catalog view. If the link indicator is broken , that means Patchboard can’t find a corresponding track for that patch. Make sure to link it to a track in the current project by clicking the link indicator or right-clicking the patch, choosing Edit... and updating the Track Name field.

  5. Do you have multiple patches linked to the same track? If the patch that appears isn’t the desired one, edit that patch to remove the track name.

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